Event Update for 2024:

The Mount Robson Marathon event is back for 2024! As trail upgrades are still being completed on the upper section of the Berg Lake Trail, we will be offering three options for runners to participate in the Half Marathon, Kinney Lake 12km and Flatlander 5km runs. The 50km Ultra Marathon will be put on hold for another year, as the upper section of trail is upgraded.

In 2021 the Berg Lake Trail sustained significant damage after an unprecedented flooding event. With several bridges missing, much of the trail being in a state that is unsafe for the public, and the likelihood of the Robson River changing course, the trail has been closed to the public for repairs. With climate change creating extreme weather events across the province, repairs made to the Berg Lake Trail are being built with climate resiliency in mind.

We are very excited to once again be able to host running events on the Berg Lake Trail! The Half Marathon, Kinney Lake 12km, and Flatlander 5km will take place on Saturday September 7th, 2024. Registration will be available on our website starting on June 1st. Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for updates.

The Berg Lake Trail is a world class hiking destination within Mount Robson Provincial Park. All of our running events start at the Mount Robson Info Centre and follow the Berg Lake Trail up the Robson River. The longest distance in 2024, the Half Marathon, takes runners up the trail past Kinney Lake to a turnaround point on the Kinney Lake gravel flats above the lake. The Kinney Lake 12km run takes runners to a turnaround point at the outflow bridge at Kinney Lake. The Flatlander 5km is mostly flat open road with a small section of wide gently inclining trail at the start of the Berg Lake Trail. All of the runs are out-and-back routes with water/aid stations along the way. There is also a free Kids’ Fun Run around the Mount Robson Info Centre during the day.


All events start and finish at the Mount Robson Info Centre.


Volunteers help keep runners hydrated. Photo: Boosted Imagery