Event Update for 2022 and Beyond:

Below is an update from BC Parks. In light of the flooding damage the trail sustained last year, the Mount Robson Marathon will be cancelled for 2022. We look forward to hosting the event again, once trail repairs are complete.

From BC Parks:

As you know, the Berg Lake Trail sustained significant damage after the unprecedented flooding event last summer. BC Parks staff and engineers have been assessing the conditions, monitoring the river, and making a plan for how to rebuild.

With several bridges missing, much of the trail being in a state that is unsafe for the public, and the likelihood of the Robson River changing course, the entire trail will be closed to the public throughout 2022 to complete additional assessments and begin repairs. With climate change creating extreme weather events across the province, repairs made to the Berg Lake Trail will be built with climate resiliency in mind.

Throughout 2022, BC Parks will be focusing on the following:

  • a close eye will be kept on the Robson River’s annual freshet;
  • construction will occur to expand the parking lot. As the Berg Lake Trail continues to grow in popularity, a larger parking lot is needed once the trail reopens; and
  • Making several bridge repairs, updating to the Kinney Lake Campground and fixing the trail up to Kinney Lake.


Significant repairs need to be made along the entire 23 kilometres of trail. Due to the scale of damage, the brief construction window, and taking into account climate resiliency in rebuilding, BC Parks plans to reconstruct the trail over a staged, multi-year process, with the following targets:

  • Trailhead to Kinney Lake – Summer 2023
  • Kinney Lake to Whitehorn – Summer 2024
  • Whitehorn to Berg Lake – Summer 2025


Public safety is of utmost importance and due to the current state of the trail and the amount of work that needs to be done, closing the trail is the best course of action at this time. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this closure and begin rebuilding. Our hope is that by rebuilding with climate resiliency in mind we will minimize future climate-related impacts and disruptions to your work.”


All events start and finish at the Mount Robson Info Centre.


Volunteers help keep runners hydrated. Photo: Boosted Imagery