Q: Are there finishers medals?

A: Yes, there are! All finishers of the Ultra Marathon and Half Marathon will receive a belt buckle with the Mount Robson Marathon logo. Finishers of the Kinney Lake 5K and the Flatlander 5K will receive a keychain.


Q: What are the prizes for top finishers?

A: Top three finishers in each category will receive a locally made laser etched wood medal (which can double as a coaster), as well as a custom growler and glassware kit from Three Ranges Brewery. The overall winner of the Ultra and Half Marathons will also receive a pair of new shoes from Totem Jasper Ski Shop.


Q: Can I collect my prize early and go home?

A: No, we do not give out prizes before the awards ceremonies. We strive to start the awards ceremonies as soon as possible after the top three finishers from all categories are in, starting with the shorter distances and finishing with the Ultra. Awards start at 1pm. Being present for the podium is important for our sponsors, who are huge contributors to this event.


Q: Are there event t-shirts?

A: Yes, event t-shirts are sold onsite. We try to have a few different colors, sizes and cuts available each year, as well as event hats. T-shirts can be purchased at number pick-up on Friday or Saturday (cash only) for between $30-35 depending on the cut. Hats are also available.


Q: What is at the aid stations?

A: Aid stations at Kinney Lake Shelter (9km), Whitehorn (13km), and Robson Pass (25km) are supplied with water, Gatorade, cut up energy bars (Vega and Clif brand), and gels (E-Load and Clif brand). Since this is an out and back course, runners will pass through the stations at Whitehorn and Kinney Lake Shelter on the way back as well. All other aid stations (see map and course profile) have water and Gatorade.


Q: What happens if I do not make the cut-off times for the Ultra Marathon?

A: Runners who miss the cut-off times at Whitehorn and Emperor Falls will be turned around. At this point you will need to give your number to the aid station volunteer. This allows us to keep track of who was turned around and prevents an accidental mix up with the finisher results when you come back to the finish line. All runners who are turned around or do not finish for any reason are asked to check in at the start/finish for safety reasons.


Q: Do I have to run with bear spray?

A: No, bear spray is not mandatory. The trail sees a lot of traffic over the summer, and is well managed. If there is a known problem bear in the area then we may change this and require bear spray, but at this point we are not requiring it.


Q: Is there any mandatory equipment required for the run?

A: Runners should come prepared for variable mountain weather, since once in the alpine it can be 10 degrees cooler. If the forecast calls for rain or snow we may require runners in the Ultra carry an extra layer, which you will be notified of at number pick-up. We also require runners to bring enough food and water with them to sustain them between aid stations, plus some extra. It is best to be as self sufficient as possible.


Q: Can I run with headphones?

A: If you are running with headphones we require that you keep one ear free so that you can hear other runners around you, aid station volunteers, and other trail users.


Q: Can I take my dog with me on the run?

A: No! Dogs are not allowed in the races (even if they are well trained).


Q: Can I run with a stroller?

A: No, this is a trail running event, and even the 5km run has a significant off-road portion.


Q: Is there food onsite?

A: Yes, there is food for the finishers at the finish line aid station, which includes cut-up fruit, cookies, chocolate milk and salty snacks (chips, pretzels or similar). The Cafe Mount Robson is also open just across from the finish line, and they have plenty of options on their menu for refueling after the race.


Q: Can you give me an update during the race on the location and placing of my friend/loved one?

A: Please do not ask us for live updates on the whereabouts or placing of race participants while they are out on the course unless if you are worried that it is an emergency. We have plenty of volunteers and BC Parks staff on the trail to ensure runners are safe and on-course, but due to the backcountry nature of the run we cannot provide live updates on current placing.


Good luck to all of our racers, and enjoy this spectacular event!